Serve the Community – Part Two

12.08.2017 | By Patrick Voelker, Executive Administrator

We have talked about Discover and Connect, now we move to Serve the Community.  It’s an important part of the journey as Serve takes us out of thinking and into doing.  And doing is where learning really happens.  We may know something, but when we start doing, the action and activity drills it into us in ways we never thought possible.

Serving always can help bring clarity.  We may be struggling with a concept, idea, teaching, etc. but when we go into action, it can clear our mind and allow things to actually make sense.  Let’s talk some about what we mean by; Serve the Community.

First, Community.  Community is really two groups, it is the gathering of people here at River of Life and it is also the Community in which each one of us lives.  In your journey, to help you Connect with others and to see faith in action, we ask that you Serve the Community of River of Life first.  It is how as we gather we are able function together and it allows guests to come and check out what our journey into faith looks like.

That all happens on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.  It is when we all come together to Discover Jesus and it provides fuel for the journey.  This is your first step to Serve.  By serving with our 1st Impressions team (greeters, ushers, coffee makers, etc.) you can have an easy first step.  Or perhaps by impacting kids and youth, or  with music, or tech such as sound, video, running a camera, etc.  There are many, many, different opportunities to serve.

By helping to Serve on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s you are putting activity to faith.  If we want to Discover Jesus, we must put into practice the things he talked about and practiced.  And Jesus Served.  His teaching example on this was washing His twelve disciple’s feet.

And mind you, not twelve, just took my shoes off pairs of feet, but twelve, sandal clad pairs of feet that had been walking around in dust, dirt, and/or mud.  It meant Jesus scrubbed the grime off, serving those that followed Him.  How much more should we serve those whom desire to be on the journey together?

Second, let’s talk about serving the community in which we each live.  After we Serve each other on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, we need to take the step to serve our communities.  This is how we can be the “hands” and “feet” of Jesus.  It is our faith in action.

No longer is our faith “all show and no go.”  It is also a great way to meet others and engage in a broader conversation about faith and about Jesus.  When we are serving, and people see us giving in that way, it is much easier for us all to have conversations about faith.

If you’re serving on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and in your community, congratulations!  Enjoy the fun you already know when you serve and use those opportunities to stretch your faith and to know more about Jesus.  You are moving through the journey of faith.

If you’re not serving, I want to encourage you take that first step and serve on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.  I firmly believe you will not regret that decision.  And you will experience your faith and your relationship to Jesus and others in a whole new way.  Take that step, just shoot a note to River of Life ( and let us know you’d like to start serving.