Summit 2030

By December 12, 2017Summit 2030
12.12.2017 | by Patrick Voelker, Executive Administrator

This December we have been focusing on sharing River of Life’s long-range plans.  Summit 2030 is our path for the next twelve years as we continue on our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.

Since Summit 2030 covers twelve years, there is a lot of information to digest.  Plus, there is the added component that as God moves, we as a church need to be flexible to adjust our plans to continually stay aligned to His.

To help understand many of the core components of Summit 2030, I thought I would just ouline them for you as a reference.  These core components include:

  • 2,500 New Believer baptisms by 2030
  • Develop and implement a River of Life campus master plan
  • Focus on kids, students, and families
  • Increase overall engagement in Small Groups
  • Increase serving at River of Life
  • Increase serving in our local communities and out to the world
  • Add to our facility for greater outreach and community engagement
    • More kids and student space, additional meeting space
    • A dedicated Worship Center
      • Free up the gym to be a gym for community and church use
    • Sports fields for schools and community use
    • A chapel for Community use (i.e. weddings, etc.)
    • An Event Center for Community use
  • Extend River of Life’s reach into additional communities
    • Establish satellite campuses connected our main Elk River campus
  • Provide resources for people to find and follow Jesus into life transformation

Summit 2030 is our journey, connected to our path of Discover Jesus, Connect to Others, Serve the Community, and Give Financially.  I’ve already been asked many times what’s this really all about?  Well, the answer is simple, Jesus.

From River of Life’s beginning it has been about Jesus and we will continue to be about Jesus.  Jesus wants everyone to know Him and wants us to share about Him to everyone.

This is His mission for the church, to help people find and follow Jesus.

It’s really exciting, so let’s go!!