By January 11, 2018Summit 2030
01.11.2018 | by Patrick Voelker, Executive Administrator


What does a church on the move look like?  Or perhaps, we should look at what a church looks like that is not on the move, or let’s say it is static?  Not your everyday questions perhaps.  But church is where those who follow Jesus come together in unity and in purpose to give praise and worship to Jesus and God the Father and to hear the truth of God’s Word as preached from the bible.

So let us first look at a static church, one that is not moving.  In this situation, the Jesus followers are content to simply meet together and enjoy studying the bible and have social time together.  While these are good things, they are not the only thing purposed for those who follow Jesus.

A church with Momentum, is one that is balanced.  One where we come together to study, but also are engaged in what Jesus would have for each of us: to live our lives as He did; impacting our communities, serving others, caring for those who are hurting, taking care of those in need, and so forth.


It really is about balance, the balance between learning and action.  That is why we talk about Discover Jesus and how it is the key to our faith journey.  Discovering Jesus isn’t just finding Him and realizing that He is my Savior, the Son of God, but Discovering Jesus is an ongoing process of both learning and action.

As we follow Jesus both as an individual and as a church, we seek to learn more about Him and to turn that into action, responding to Jesus by being transformed to live completely different than the rest of world.  That is Momentum.  That is what changes our communities and the world.  The impact is unbelievable and visible.  The impact confirms that we are truly Jesus followers.

This is where it gets tough.  A church with Momentum, with Jesus followers living their lives according to what Jesus would have for us, changes their community and beyond.  Are we doing that?  Do we look and live in a way that others take notice?  Are we sharing Jesus with those who are our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other?  Are we serving those who come to our church and those in our community?  Or are we simply comfortable being with those who are like us, think like us, believe like us, and so on?

Do we view our finances as Jesus would?  Do we have more than we need?  Who are we trusting in; Jesus or ourselves?  These are hard questions, but they are the ones Jesus is asking to each one of us.  A church with Momentum is a church that is responding to Jesus.  When we are responding to Jesus, chances are we will be uncomfortable, and it will be sacrificial, and it will bring us joy, and it will give us a full life.