03.06.2018 | By Dave Johnson, Senior Pastor

Sunday, we launched a new series Imagine If that centers on imagining if we all lived our lives according to the unique SHAPE God spoke into us rather than what others have, and maybe are at this very time, speaking into us!   For those who missed Sunday’s message SHAPE stands for:

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Everyone has a unique SHAPE given to us by God!  And here’s the kicker: My life’s purpose is revealed by the SHAPE God gave me!  In Job, an Old Testament book, it says, “Your hands formed me and shaped me.”   Sunday, we read part of Psalm 139 which makes clear God planned us before we were born!  So, it’s huge that we all discover our unique SHAPE given to us by God so we can glorify Him and have the ride of our lives in the process!!!

Sunday, I spoke briefly into three levels of living:  Survival Living, Success Living, and Significance Living.  It’s my prayer we all live at the third level, the significant level.  It’s also my conviction that the difference maker for getting to the third level is understanding and living out the SHAPE God’s given us!  I have three more weeks of messages to flesh out the “what” and the “how” of SHAPE.  I want to speak into those three levels of living.  Believe me, sometimes I linger too long in the first or second level, and living in those levels life is as exciting as painting a closet!

A lot of people live their lives in the survival mode.  They just barely eek out life.  They don’t really live, they just exist.  They put in their time and how for the weekend.  They live in the survival mode.  If I were to ask you “What’s your number one goal in life?” and you were to say, “Right now, my number one goal is to escape to Tahiti, lay on the beach, and soak up the rays.”  You’re at the survival mode. You may need that right now but that’s not really what you want to do with the rest of your life.  Just exist, veg out.

The next level, or the success level, is a little bit higher level.  That’s where most of us are today. By the world’s standards you’ve made it.  You have a comfortable life style.  You have possessions, prestige, and pleasure.  Life is pretty good.  Most of the world would love to have your problems.  You’ve hit the success level!  But more and more I’m hearing questions from successful people that goes like this: “Pastor Dave, if I’m really successful, why don’t I feel more fulfilled?”  Hey…I’m all for earning as much more as one can, legally!  I agree with the old farmer who uttered, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, I prefer rich.”  But the bottom line is money success doesn’t deliver fulfillment.

If one desires fulfillment and purpose, one goes to the third level, the level of Significance.  That’s where I’m going to take you the next four weeks.  The What If series is a path to the level of significance.  What we all really need is not success, but significance to feel like “My life matters, I count.  I’m not just taking up space and using up resources but there’s a meaning and purpose to my life.”  Significance is the feeling that I count.

People who’ve discovered significance are those who’ve discovered God’s plan for their life, realize that they are one in a million, one in six billion!  Because of the SHAPE God has delivered, nobody will ever be like you. They get in on God’s plan and purpose and know what God put them here on earth for.  They find significance.

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When you look at the people who’ve made the greatest impact on this world, they were not the brightest, wealthiest, or most educated.  The people that have made the biggest difference in life, for good or bad, were those who had the deepest convictions—right or wrong.  Whether it was Jefferson or Jesus or Mao or Buddha or Marx or Stalin—purpose gives conviction. And conviction comes from knowing a purpose for life.  Karl Marx was driven by the purpose of communism.  Adolf Hitler was driven by the purpose of conquest.

I want to suggest that to be all that you were meant to be you need to discover the SHAPE God’s given you.  Purpose is revealed by the SHAPE!  I want us all to experience the Imagine If series; to develop and maintain life at the significant level.  That’s what we’re going to look at the next three Sundays.

David, a warrior for God three thousand years ago for the nation of Israel, had the following reputation with the early church two thousand years ago, “David served Gods’ purpose in his generation.  Then he died.” (Acts 13:36).  How would you like to have that written on your tombstone?  I don’t know of a better epitaph than that.  The early church said of David that he was a man after God’s own heart? (Acts 13:22). Why did they say such a meaningful thing about David?   Because David did with his life what God made him to do.  He was exactly whom God made him to be.  He fulfilled the purpose of God for his life!

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