04.24.2018 | by Michaela Langlais, Director of Family Ministry

At a recent doctor’s appointment, the doctor showed me a picture of my tumor. My cancer was found with a scope during a colonoscopy. The doctor was able to take a picture of the tumor up close. The doctor showed me another picture from inside in a different location. The picture was of healthy colon tissue. He pointed out the healthy tissue and showed me the differences between the tumor and healthy tissue. I was amazed at how similar the two tissues looked. The doctor had to point out the differences. Without him sharing his knowledge of healthy tissue and seeing the two pictures up close, I am not sure I would immediately know the difference.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

It brought to mind how Satan is in our lives and in this world. God gives us wonderful and loving things. Every perfect gift is from him. Satan is a deceiver and a liar. The thing is he has perfected his craft. He knows we can spot things that are obviously ugly and evil. Few people are blind to overtly evil things of this world. So he is crafty. He is a liar and an imitator. He imitates the lovely things of God in such a way we don’t see it at first. It looks, feels, and sounds good, so it must be good right? It so closely resembles the healthy and perfect gift of God so we grab it and claim it for our lives. We hold on to it and make space for it. It is only after time and after it has permeated our lives do we see the ugliness. We wonder how did we not see this thing for what it is and why did we allow it into our lives? And sometimes we still don’t see the ugliness and we make excuses for it and continue to claim it for our lives.

Learning the Difference

A doctor spends countless hours learning about the human body. They learn to know what is healthy and what does not belong. Surround themselves with other people who know more than they do and who have treated tumors and sickness they have not. They train themselves to know how to spot these things and when they are unsure of something they seek out help. So how do we as Christians learn to spot and know the schemes of Satan? We get to know Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. We seek Him out because He is the Father, He knows the Father, and He reflects the Father. As we seek Him we surround ourselves with other Christians who have experienced more and know Him more. Other people more skilled than us in seeing how Satan can deceive us and lie to us. They know he is the great imitator and how he wants nothing more than for us to live in bondage. People who know Satan want us to look at the ugly and say we cannot see the difference between ugly and beautiful. Find people who know Jesus intimately and ask them how they know Him. Ask them about how they have overcome ugliness and how do they spot it. Spend time in the word and get to know God’s promises. Test decisions and actions against scripture. Seek wise counsel. All these things will help you to begin to know the difference between ugly and beautiful. The difference between the life giving beautiful ways of Jesus and the lying ugly imitating ways of Satan.
Even as Christians, and even when we know Jesus, the ugly can get in. Sometimes we miss it or sometimes we have no control on how it got into our lives. We can still get rid of it. Cry out to Jesus and have others pray for you and your situation. Jesus wants us to live a full and abundant life as a testimony to His goodness. The testimony is sometimes how we overcome and endure the ugliness. Place your faith in Jesus and get to know who He is. He alone can save you!