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CBC Leaves Hundreds AMPED for Jesus

07.20.2018 | by Michaela Langlais, Director of Family Ministry

Last week our church partnered with five local churches to bring Community Bible Camp to our community. CBC, as it’s known to those involved, is a five night adventure for kids ages four through grade five. Each night we go to Lion’s Park in Elk River and sing, dance, eat, craft, play, and learn about Jesus. This year’s theme was AMPED: Live Fully Alive it was a high energy experience like no other.

Why Community Bible Camp?

You may ask, why do we participate in CBC and not host our own Vacation Bible School here at River of Life? Good question! As a church we feel our mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. VBS is a great way for kids and families to do this and invite our community to come alongside us. At the same time we found our community and those without a faith community, are not always willing to come to us or to our church building. As we began to question how we could better use the VBS experience to draw in more families, God planted the idea for Community Bible Camp.

Having just finished our sixth year, we welcomed over 400 kids during the week. Of those 400 kids, 109 registered during the week, 75 of which don’t have a church they call home. Think about the impact we are making on our kids and the kids in our community! Jesus went to the people and we will continue to follow his example. As we continue to walk out Summit 2030 and our goal to baptize 2,500 people in the next 12 years, we will continue to go outside the four walls of the church to help people find and follow Jesus. Join us next year on the super awesome adventure!