The Texas Team: Day One Recap

01.13.2019 | by Christina Robarge, Texas Missions Trip Volunteer

It was a long day of travel for the group on day one. We left the church just before 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and finally arrived at the church in Corpus Christi, Texas at 5 p.m. that evening. Travel was fairly uneventful. Tami lost a nail getting out of the van at MSP – we thought that kind of thing would happen maybe while roofing or sheet rocking but getting out of the van was not expected. Jane was “randomly selected” to have her bags searched – because she is clearly suspicious – and the plane from Dallas to Corpus Christi was to say it politely frighteningly ancient.

The weather in Dallas during our layover was 32 degrees and left us wondering if it was warmer back home! Landing in Corpus Christi it was 61 degrees which was much more to our liking. Only one suitcase was delayed and was delivered later to the owner. We arrived to a newly remodeled church here and met our volunteer liaison Christina. We had a tour of the church, ate pizza for dinner, and the other missions team arrived. The other team is also from Minnesota, the Lakes Free Church in Lindstrom.

Learning More About ReachGlobal

Christina held orientation which included an overview of their organization ReachGlobal crisis response. ReachGlobal is a last resort resource for those that have no insurance and did not qualify for help from FEMA or other government agencies.

They serve mostly single parents, disabled, elderly, and wounded veterans. Hurricane Harvey affected approximately 500,000 homes and ReachGlobal continues to receive applications every day from homeowners.

We learned our daily schedule, chores that need to be done each day, and chose our work sites. After orientation we set up our “bedrooms” with air mattresses, quilts, and sleeping bags. It was then time to head to the store for lunch supplies, pillows, and fans to keep us cool at night. After writing our names on our t-shirts for tomorrow, everyone started to get ready for bed.

We’re all excited for a long day of roofing, siding, painting, flooring, and serving God’s people tomorrow!