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01.17.2019 | by Christina Robarge, Texas Missions Trip Volunteer

This morning Patti shared a hope and healing devotion with us before we set out for work. She pulled lots of scripture for each topic. It’s really powerful to hear so many verses about hope and healing read aloud. God provides us with hope and healing – the Bible is very clear on that.

Meeting Dean’s Mom

Today at our job site we again had great progress. The highlight of the day for us was when we finally got to meet our homeowner. We’ve been working with her son, Dean, all week but the weather has been bad so she couldn’t visit. Today was finally nice enough for her to come out and meet us. She tried many times to thank us and each time she started to tear up and couldn’t find the words. We assured her it was our great pleasure to help. She indicated she doesn’t like to ask for help, but after this storm she just didn’t know what to do. The look on her face was priceless when she saw a practically brand new home. We were overjoyed to be able to contribute to that smile.

The Linstrom Team

The other ROL team has nearly finished their entire home. They worked late tonight and are so excited at the thought of being able to bring the project to completion tomorrow. I found out today that Harlan is concerned people may think he’s not been working because I haven’t shared any pictures of him, since he’s been working with the Lindstrom team. I assure you they’ve also been busy. When they arrived, only stud walls of the house were at their site. Today they were working on mudding sheetrock – which is amazing progress in one week. The homeowner at their job site is currently paying her mortgage and rent on an apartment. It’s a huge burden for her, so the sooner the house is done the better. She’s been working shoulder to shoulder with them each day despite having many health issues.

An Amazing Week with Amazing People

Tonight we met to share about everything that’s happened this week and what’s impacted each of us. I asked each one if it’s hard to continue to teach unskilled “idiots” to do construction each week. They all replied NO! They’ve never enjoyed such a willing, happy, smiling workforce every morning and they love it. Christina, our coordinator here is filled with joy to work with us each and every day even though her work days are often 15 plus hours per day.

There are 14 of us here from ROL and for nine of us, this is our very first mission trip. My husband and I have sent and supported numerous missionaries over the years, but have never gone ourselves. If you are holding back on going yourself, I highly encourage going on a ReachGlobal trip. There are so many lives being touched by this ministry. You don’t have to start by traveling halfway across the globe – there are many here in the U.S. that need Jesus’ love. Please feel free to reach out to any of us on Team Texas that were here this week if you’d like to hear more or ask us any questions!