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The Frozen Chozen: Meet the Costa Rica team

01.27.2019 | by Heather Anderson, ROL Global Missions Leader
Hey River of Lifers! Our Costa Rica team dubbed the, ‘Frozen Chozen,’ is arriving today to begin a week-long project in Nicoya. We will be hard at work until Saturday, February 2. We are being joined by teams form Oregon, Alaska, and southern Costa Rica. Our team is super psyched for an incredible week of working hard, laughing harder, sharing God’s incredible love, and building some awesome relationships!


Prayer Requests from the ‘Frozen Chozen’

And yes, in case you were wondering, it is gloriously hot… it’s 88 degrees! We’re so sorry we have to miss the coldest week of the year! We have six River of Lifers participating this year and we ask for your prayers this week for Harold, Rod, Stephanie, Heather, Eric, and Rob. Some of their prayer requests are for everyone’s safety, health, and team unity throughout the week. They’re also praying for humility and boldness, for the eyes of Jesus, and for continued dependence on God. Please join us in praying for the ‘Frozen Chozen’ this week as well as the rest of the teams helping in Nicoya, Costa Rica!

Check out this video from some of our global partners: Getting ready for a great week at Campamento Santiago Houk. The teams from Alaska, Minnesota, and Oregon arrive tonight and tomorrow.

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