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How one trip to VBS sparked a Mission helping hundreds Discover Jesus

03.14.2019 | by Heather Anderson, Global Missions Leader

After writing the previous blogs (recap one, recap two and recap three) about our time in Costa Rica, I’d like to back up and answer the question of, “why are we doing this?”

Here is my personal testimony: I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was nine at a neighborhood Vacation Bible School (VBS); along with several of my friends. I was not a church kid, but I did get connected with a Wednesday night program. I grew in my faith, and prayed for my parents’ salvation. My dad was constantly being invited by a client to different events at the same church and finally gave in, taking my family to an event. My entire family accepted Christ that day; I was 13.  My parents started sending me to camp, and again, my faith grew. If you’ve ever been to camp as a teenager, you know what an amazing experience this can be. How you can go from meeting Jesus at the Cross, to owning your faith and understanding the power in that.

How My Testimony Relates to Costa Rica

These are the same experiences we want to provide for people in Costa Rica. Putting on VBS’s and leading kids to Christ. Camps are a rare thing here. Being able give kids and families this opportunity to meet Jesus and grow in their faith… can you imagine the ripple effect? What an opportunity! In two weeks they have 120 kids coming to camp.  And this is just the first of many large groups scheduled to come.
That’s pretty awesome considering the fact that this camp was struggling to book even one group in 2015 when we started. It’s also gone from being a financial burden to being profitable and able to pay for its day to day expenses. The “circumstances” that lead us to this camp are also incredible.  When we were looking to start short terms projects, we prayed that God would light our path, and (in hindsight) He made this and the Nicaragua project abundantly clear. I’m so thankful for River of Life’s trust and vision in missions.  It’s impacting so many lives, both those who serve and those who receive. Thanks to everyone for their amazing support!

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