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FMSC Mobile Pack Update

04.15.2019 | by Haley Foster, Communications Coordinator

Hey River of Lifers! Here are some highlights from our Feed My Starving Children MobilePack on April 5 and 6. In just one weekend we filled 950 volunteer shifts. Families and community members from all over the area came to Prairie View Elementary and Middle School for our MobilePack. In just two days we packed 194,616 meals for the FMSC organization; which will feed around 533 kids for an entire year! This was our first time hosting at our new Otsego location and we had a blast!

So far, 900 of ROL’s boxes, or 194,400 meals from our MobilePack have been shipped. 612 boxes, or 132,192 meals have been sent to Sierra Leone and 288 boxes, or 62,208 meals are on the way to Zambia.

If you had so much fun that you would like to volunteer for another MobilePack go to www.fmsc.org/get-involved/volunteer.