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Daniel Fast: Day 5

By January 10, 2020Prayer & Fasting

Friday—January 10

I have not been able to blog for three days, simply because there were some “grace-building interruptions” that entered my life the last four days.  It’s interesting how God works!  When Ann and I first read Daniel 10, we were struck how Daniel was “mourning for three full weeks”.  It’s understandable mourning over the death of a loved one, but Daniel was mourning over the condition of God’s people and the condition of the pagan culture of which he lived.  So, Ann and I literally dropped to our knees and asked the Holy Spirit to break our hearts and open our eyes the same way He did for Daniel.  We prayed for some time and most of the prayer was not about mourning.  Most of the prayer was asking the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to God’s love and God’s voice.  But we also wanted to mourn like Daniel mourned.

There were no bells or whistles that went off.  It was silent, and after our prayer time we got up and went on our way.  Little did we know the spiritual attacks that would be coming our way as we drove off, me to church and Ann to a coaching appointment.  I can’t give the details, but let me tell you the attacks were real, and the attacks were targeted to wound our hearts.

From Tuesday to Thursday the attacks were upon us, but God’s grace was bigger than the attacks and we were able to stand strong.  So, this Friday morning, when Ann and I had time to pray together, the Holy Spirit zapped us—the Daniel Fast is working… the Daniel Fast is making us more aware of God’s love… the Daniel Fast is a great tool, allowing God to fashion us to the very image of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Believe me, Ann and I have a long way to go, but it’s exciting!