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Daniel Fast: Day 17

By January 22, 2020Prayer & Fasting

Wednesday—January 22

This is day 17 of the Daniel Fast and it appears I’ve leaped over into the “I can do this mode!”, or “This diet isn’t that bad!”  This is true because the other day I ate a mini carrot stick and it tasted like a Milk Dud… that’s how you know you’ve arrived!

All kidding aside, what Ann and I find refreshing is the Daniel Fast has taken our focus off food and on Jesus.  The diet is so simple—eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, high quality oils, herbs and spices… and drink only water.  That’s simple and the simplicity has taken the focus off food and has allowed us to spend more time in prayer, seeking God’s face. The first two weeks it was just a fast, it was good, but now we literally look forward to feasting on God and eating when we have extra time.

This is a big deal for me because food is one of my primary love languages.  I know that might be shocking… and I’m a bit embarrassed even admitting such, but it’s true.  I grew up in a home that valued food… especially Italian food.  So, after 17 days of eating healthy the transformation is taking place.  Like Daniel, I’m experiencing a renewed sense of vigor and strength and a sensitivity to God’s Spirit.   I’m more alert spiritually and it’s a great space to live and rest.

The challenge will be next Monday when we are “off the hook” and can return to eating pizza and a greasy hamburger.  Ann and I are already talking about what the transition might look like.  Do we throw in chicken and fish but leave out meat for a while?  What will we choose next Monday, carrot sticks or Milk Duds?