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Church Update (4.29)

Good afternoon River of Lifers!

The purpose for this post is more of a communication than a blog, to give you a brief update on what is going on and where staff is at concerning the reopening of the church building. Currently, staff is closely monitoring all of the state and federal press releases regarding COVID-19, as well as the CDC and WHO recommendations. We do not yet have a date for reopening the church, however, we have formed a Reopening Church Task Force to evaluate all of the information we’re taking in and determine the best possible path forward for River of Life.

We recognize that, while we’re very excited to get back into our building and begin meeting in person, there are a wide variety of factors that may continue to keep people at home and using our online platforms. We want to assure you, those platforms are not going anywhere! In fact, we will continue to work on ways to better all of our streaming and online experiences. We are constantly looking for and working on ways to improve our online presence and community.

Finally, we will continue to be available to speak over the phone or via text or email, so if you have a prayer request, concern or need, please don’t hesitate to reach out! If you specifically have a need that a volunteer could help you with, or a financial need, please go to our website and click on the COVID-19 button to let us know how we can help. Our staff is continually praying for you in our daily noon prayer time, and each week when we have our virtual staff meetings.

I will continue to post brief weekly updates as things progress and change, so keep an eye out.


Robin Stoddard
Office Coordinator