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Church Update (5.7)

Good afternoon River of Lifers!

This will be a very brief update. Our Reopening Task Force is continuing to meet on a weekly basis and we’re getting things prepared for when we can reopen. As you all know by now, Governor Walz has extended the Stay at Home Order until May 18, and (at least for the time being) we are going to continue to adhere to these orders and recommendations.

Having said that, if you haven’t taken our survey this week, please do. We want to hear from you! HERE is a link to that survey.

Next week our task force will be meeting in person so that we can walk through the church and determine all of the potential needs and areas of improvement before we open the doors for any reason. Also, be on the look out for extra communications from Pastor Dave in the next few weeks about what we’re planning and why. We’re going to do our absolute best to over-communicate everything with all of you so that you know what’s happening, when it’s happening, how it’s happening, and why we’re choosing the path we’re choosing for all of it.

We are continuing to pray for all of you during this weird, hard time. If you need anything, a prayer, a listening ear, financial help, anything, please reach out to us or go to our website and click on the COVID-19 button to let us know how we can help.


Robin Stoddard
Office Coordinator