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John LaRocque
Student Ministry Leader
Sunday, August 16, 2020


Welcome to River of Life! We hope you feel at home with us. Our summer services are held outside at River of Life Church at 10 a.m. We also have an online service that is streamed at 10 a.m. and available online afterward. Our services last about an hour and include a time of worship and teaching from the Bible.

Our Bulletins are interactive: click on a title to see more.


1.      Share with each other about a tough time that God brought you through. Do you remember what it felt like when you were in the middle of it? What do you feel like as you think back to that time?

2.      When you are going through difficult times, what do you rely on to give you patience? Is it something that you have already been through? A story from someone else’s life? A passage from Scripture?

3.      In what area of your life are you most likely to complain? What is it that you lack? What is it that you are hoping for? How might you handle your current situation better?

4.      Who was your hero growing up? What was it about them that you admired?

5.      Why do you think James considers it so important that Christians not take oaths?


River of Life’s Annual meeting is today, Sunday, August 16 immediately following service. We encourage all congregants to stay for the meeting, but you must be a member in order to vote on any issues presented. If you would like a copy of our proposed budget for the next fiscal year, we will have them available at the meeting.


Join us for our annual Fall KickOff event on Sunday, September 13! We will have an outdoor service (weather permitting) at 10 a.m. followed by baptisms, a BBQ and the football game. For lunch, ROL will be providing BBQ from a variety of vendors, mac & cheese, chips, ice cream treats, water, and juice boxes for the kiddos. Please bring your own lawn chair or blanket, your family, and any additional picnic foods your family would like.
RSVP by September 6. Please only fill out one form per family.


If you have recently decided to commit your life to Jesus Christ and are interested in being baptized on Sunday, September 13, click the BAPTISMS link above, fill out the form, and a staff member will reach out to you. We are excited to walk alongside you during this amazing new time in your faith journey!


During this time with all the negative news, we could all use a little encouragement, so Mon-Thurs we’re committed to have something positive for you to listen to! Drop in for Facebook Live at 9 a.m. or YouTube at lunchtime.


Church, we are asking you to set an alarm and pray everyday at noon. Pray for however long you’re able. The important part is we cry out to God everyday, as one voice, at the noon hour for God’s ways to be set loose in our church, families, leaders, city, state, nation and world. And for the Church around the world to be revived by God; to be His hands and feet!
Some of the particular things that we can pray for as a church this week are:

  • Thank God for His abundance of grace and peace in Jesus Christ and choose to walk in that sufficient grace and fully receive His prevailing peace.
  • Pray for greater faith for yourself and for other believers by name.
  • Confess any sin or sin issue that Holy Spirit reveals to you and ask for forgiveness. (Be specific)
  • Pray for intimacy with Christ and ask for a greater awareness of His presence. Take a moment to listen for the prompting of what Holy Spirit is saying to you.
  • Pray for the unshakeable qualities of the Lord in your life: self-control, patience, Godliness, kindness, and love, and ask God how He wants you to demonstrate these qualities today and this week.
  • Pray for specific needs for yourself and those around you.
  • Praise God that He is the Great I AM, your solid rock, never changing, the same yesterday, today and forever.


If you need assistance in any form, or if you would like to help someone in need, please visit ROLMN.ORG and click on the COVID-19 button.


Weekly Budgeted Giving:    $20,000
Last Sunday’s Giving:           $15,850.78

21695 Elk Lake Road, Elk River, MN 55330
763-441-7527  |  Office Hours: T-TH 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.