Local & Global Outreach

Together, our churches are making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Global Outreach


Here is a brief update on the extent of the damage from the Super Cyclone in the State of West Bengal, India as of May 23, 2020. Your prayers and donations are appreciated!

      • 86 lives have been lost.
      • Approximately 7,500 trees have been uprooted.
      • Over 1,600 villages in two districts are under water.
      • Total affected area: 21560 square kilometers.
      • 13 Million people have been affected.
      • 110,000 people have been left homeless and thousands of homes have been flattened.
      • 1.4 million people are without power.
      • 88,000 hectares of paddy crop have been damaged.
      • 100,000 hectares of vegetables destroyed.
      • 100,000 hectares of sesame washed away.

The team we are working with has a little over 700 children who are part of the ministry, along with the families that attend their 11 churches. In order for the team to most effectively help the community, they have decided on the following:

  1. Care Bags to 1000 individuals: Each care bag will have Rice, Lentils, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Semolina, Soya Chunks, Hand Wash and Soap. The Cost of each bag is $14.00, for a total need of $14,000.
  2. Khanaberia Tutoring Centre/Church: This facility was just finished in February and has been severely damaged, and the roof has been completely destroyed. In Khanaberia (the village just outside the city’s garbage dump) there are around 180 children that are part of the ministry, along with the adults who attend the church. Repairs and construction will cost approximately $10,000.


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