Small Groups

We believe life is best lived when you’re connected with one another,

and our small groups are how we connect.

What is a Small Group?

At River of Life we believe that transformation happens in circles not rows. That is what small groups are all about; where life on life, authentic faith is carried out. Small groups typically consist of 12 to 18 people meeting in homes. They meet in locations throughout our area and on various nights of the week. Each group varies on meeting length, child care, food and start time.

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Are you interested in checking out a Small Group? The process is really simple. Stop by our Welcome Center on Sunday’s and we’ll be glad to help you connect with a small group leader.

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Questions to Consider:


  • What is Kingdom Mindset?
  • Discuss what having a Kingdom Mindset means to you.
  • What kinds of thoughts, beliefs, or wounds keep you from being “two feet” in God’s Kingdom?
  • What has happened in your life to cause you to rely on yourself or the “world” instead?
  • Which areas of your life would be different if you would surrender your whole mind, heart and soul to God?
  • Explain exactly what would cause you to not trust God with certain areas of your life; areas in which it might be difficult for you to completely submit to God’s will (ex. career, marriage, money, children).
  • If you believe you are wholly committed to God with your faith, in what ways are you being challenged to think like God thinks, to behave in a way that is Christ-like or to become more observant and obedient to how the Holy Spirit is leading you on a daily basis?


  • What are Kingdom Values?
  • Pastor Dave talked about the power of culture and how “Culture eats strategy for lunch!” Discuss the healthiness or unhealthiness of your work or school culture.
  • Those of you who are fully following Jesus, why do you do so?
  • And, how do you keep on following Him in the midst of the good and bad of life?
  • What or who is holding you back from fully following Jesus and His ways?
  • How do you keep Kingdom of God values over worldly kingdom values?


  • This message centers on the Mystery of God’s Kingdom. The first point is drawn from 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, “The Citizens of the King have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the King and other citizens.” What are some of the words that describe a real relationship?
  • The second point focuses on God, our King, being the mystery! Look up Isaiah 55:8-9 & 64:8. Why is it a good God thing is a mystery?
  • The third point: We cannot DISCOVER the deep things of God. The deep things of God come by REVELATION for us to RECEIVE. Look up Daniel 2:19; 2:28 & 2:47. What are the things we can discover about God? What are some of the things we cannot discover about God, but can only be revealed to us by God?
  • The fourth point: The Holy Spirit literally gives kingdom citizens new vocabulary to impart spiritual truths to other Kingdom citizens. According to Acts 4:36, Barnabus was known as “The son of encouragement.” Look up Acts 15:36-41. What “spiritual truth” do you think Barnabus said to Paul and John Mark?
  • The fifth point: By way of the Holy Spirit, Kingdom citizens have the mind of the King (1 Corinthians 2:16)! Read Philippians 2:5-11. As citizens of the King, why do we struggle with accepting and believing our new identity in Christ?


  • Discuss your reaction to how a spirit of rebellion and worldly deception can cause us to have an ungodly mindset. (Genesis 2)
  • How does it make you feel to think about being a bond-servant to God, a slave to righteousness?
    When you think of Jesus, do you see Him as servant? Why or why not?
  • Discuss how you have avoided pain and suffering in your life, what did you use to distract or comfort yourself? Did it work?
    Do you believe God has used your suffering for good and for His purpose and glory? Give a personal testimony of a time when you KNOW your suffering brought you to another level in God’s Kingdom.
  • How have you viewed sacrifice in the past?
    What are some ways you feel/believe you have sacrificed for others? Was it for a certain purpose? Was it rewarding?
    How does a “Kingdom” perspective change how you feel about sacrificing? In what ways would it motivate you to be more sacrificing?

WEEK 5 (November 3): DETOX YOUR MIND

  • Discuss a few topics or schools of thought that are prominent in the world today that do not line up with God’s truth. Can you identify the lie or deception of the Kingdom of darkness? What would the absolute truth (quote Scripture here) in God’s Kingdom be?
  • Describe a time when you believed a lie of the world/Satan and how it made you think and feel. Then talk about how you felt once you came to believe God’s truth about that area of your life? Share a common lie you continue to believe, one that you know is not true, but you continue to think or feel it often. (Feelings of failure, unworthiness, rejection, insecurity)
  • Have you ever had a “life verse”? One that meant a lot to you because it spoke truth into an area of your life in which you had once struggled.
    Share it with the group and then discuss how other verses might be applicable in your life, on daily basis, as you look to make declarations over your mind and emotions to become steadfast in God’s truth and hold onto the promises He has for your life.


  • The message is centered on how to receive God’s Kingdom. Begin by reading the passage in Matthew 13:1-23. Discuss the four types of soil: What causes a hardened, shallow, unguarded and surrendered heart? What are some remedies brought up in the message? What are some additional remedies?
  • What did we learn about God, our King, in this passage?
  • One of the quotes in the message is from Dallas Willard: “As subjects of God’s Kingdom, in order to receive the King’s Kingdom, we must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives.” Dave gave three ways to slow down:  1) Silence: Ten minutes a day.  2) Sabbath: One day a week to soak in the King.  3) Simplicity: Pair down your life.
  • When can you get alone for 10 minutes of silence to read Scripture and/or pray and listen to the voice of God?
  • What does it look like to dedicate a whole day to the King?
  • What can you take out of your life in order to simplify, slow down, and focus on the King and His ways?
  • Which one of these will you begin now?

WEEK 7 (November 17): BE STILL, BE HEALED

  • Identify and discuss some performance driven labels or standards you have experienced. These could be personal goals, expectations you have put on your children or spouse or perhaps the common worldly messages you see in our culture today. (“Do more, try harder and be better!”)
  • What are some ways you have encountered God’s love? How do you spend alone time with Him? Share with others specific ways God speaks to you, directs you, and inspires you to love others.
  • If you have experienced healing in your mind, emotions or physical body while having alone time with God, share your testimony with your group, friends, family or your spouse.
  • As your intimacy with God deepens, have you noticed that you have less fear for your future? If you continue to experience a lot of fear or worry, discuss with others how their trust and confidence in God has changed their perspective in life and why they feel secure in their future.


  • Share with one another the kind of relationship you had with your dad, guardian or male role model when you were a child. What kind of words describe that relationship? How does that relationship on earth influence your relationship with our Heavenly Father?
  • Sunday’s message is a lot about repentance. How would you best describe repentance? What keeps people from repenting? What are some positive results from repenting?
  • In order to truly live with a Kingdom of God mindset one must be connected to the Holy Spirit. Read Ephesians 5:15-21. How does one be filled with the Spirit of God? What will life look like if one is filled with the Spirit of God?