All Events Are Currently Postponed


What’s Coming Up?

Noon Prayer Time

Church, we are asking you to set an alarm and pray everyday at noon. Pray as long as you are able. Some of us may be able to pray for a 1/2 hour, for others, it may be 2 minutes. Maybe you can pray more! However long you can pray for, the important part is we cry out to God everyday, as one voice, at the noon hour for God’s ways to be set loose in our church, families, leaders, city, state, nation and world. And for the Church around the world to be revived by God; to be His hands and feet!

A Call to Holy Week Prayer & Fasting

Daily Devos with Dave

During this time with all the negative news, we could all use a little encouragement. Drop in on our YouTube channel Monday-Thursday at lunchtime to hear something positive! And make sure to subscribe to our channel while you’re there so you don’t miss out on any of our future videos.