Pre-marital Coaching

If you are planning on getting married within the next year or two, start your marriage strong by attending a pre-marital class at River of Life. Premarital coaching is a requirement of being married at River of Life.

Each couple must complete a minimum of 12 hours of premarital coaching with a marriage mentoring couple. It is up to you and your mentor couple to set up dates and times that work for you. Cost is $160 per couple. Upon completion, couples receive a certificate to present to the county when applying for a marriage license. Sherburne County offers a discount of $70 for completing our premarital.

To allow adequate time for the counseling process, couples must begin the counseling process at least six months prior to their wedding date and finish all requirements one month prior to the wedding ceremony.

Email Deb Robinson for more information or to start the coaching process at

Marriage Mentoring

This process is for any couple wanting to enrich their relationship. Whether you are engaged, newlywed, or married for many years, this process is for you.

Marriage mentors seek to meet the needs of all couples whether they are in crisis or in a healthy marriage. Marriage mentoring provides encouragement, hope, and healing.

Explore your relationship with another couple that is unbiased and caring, which provides a unique setting for growth and transformation. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it’s life changing!

Email Deb Robinson for more information or to start the mentoring process at